Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's a Blog?

It's not really a blog if you never have any entries, but I think it is funny that my last post was asking if I should blog the labor and birth of our second daughter, and then nothing for weeks. Yes, we've been busy. And it has been a challenge, adjusting to two kids. But as you can see from this picture, Nadia is starting to give a little back, and we are getting better at being parents as well. Do I dare say that we are getting the hang of things? No, I don't. Whenever we do that, a new problem seems to surface. We'll just leave it at this: we are happy, Nadia is healthy, Josephine is a joy, and Wilson is Wilson.

Here is a list of ideas I have had for posts that I may get to over the next few months:

  1. Beer. This was going to be a beer blog, and I still really like that idea. Right now I am drinking a lot of Surly Furious, but I am looking forward to expanding some horizons this summer. I have a lot to say about Hopslam from Bell's, but if you can find it and have $16 to blow on a six pack of beer, go get some, don't wait for me.
  2. Music. I have a couple of ideas here. I just floated a top 10 albums of all-time idea to Jonathan, and we'll have to see where that goes. I am also trying very very hard to listen to new music all the time. I plan on posting about some of these artists over the course of the summer.
  3. Social Media in general. My experience with Twitter and Facebook has given me lots of ideas for posts. Twitter in particular is all of the news recently, and I have some things to say about it. It's no for everyone, and you have to figure out how to weed out the noise (Noah hit it on the head with his "noise" description of Twitter), but if you can do that, it can be a pretty cool way to get and share information.
  4. Politics. Obama is popular, but are we seeing any change? Will Minnesota ever have more than one Senator? Can Michelle Bachmann keep producing material at the rate she currently is?
  5. Vacation. Will the Chose's ever take one? If so, when? And where will they go?

So that's a lot of good ideas. I plan on making time to write some of them up. I'm open to other ideas as well - let me know!

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Joanna said...

please don't limit yourself to those 5 categories...i love ALL of your soapboxes and miss hearing them in person. i am a huge fan of items 1 and 4 though if i had to choose, not in that order.