Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fantasy Football on Tap

Getting ready for the BFL Fantasy Football Draft in about a half hour. For those of you who don't know, BFL stands for Big Fun League. It's been big fun since sometime around 1990, and it has come a very long way. Lots of old high school friends, along with a couple of good guys we've picked up along the way.Almost as important as whom I will be drafting, is what I will be drinking. Here's a list, complete with pictures.

Round 1
I'll be starting it off with some Hop Juice, Double India Pale Ale from the Two Brothers Brewing Company. It looks really good, and I probably won't need to eat for a few days. I have high hopes for this one.

Round 2

I'll be following the Double India with my current favorite - Furious from the Surly Brewing Company. It's brewed right here outside of Minneapolis, and don't let the can fool you - this is some awesome stuff. It has been tearing up the local scene for the past 2 years, growing like crazy. It's heavy, and you know you are drinking some good beer while it goes down. Hopefully I won't hate my team by the time this one comes out.

Round 3

For the next round, I'll be tasting some of my old favorite, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Yes, President Obama will be with me, in the form of this comemorative glass that my brother in law brought back from the inauguration. Can the Minneapolis Liberals become BFL Champions? YES WE CAN!

Round 4

The BFL Draft is a marathon, it's not a sprint. And since I have been trying to lose some weight, and there are 90 calories in a Miller Lite (vs 270 in a Sierra Nevada), Miller Lite is coming to the party. It's just like water anyway.

Finally, if things go bad, or if the power goes out at the wrong time, there's always the one beverage that has never sent anyway on the wrong path:

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Joanna said...

you need to track down a 6er of Sierra Nevada's Anniversary Ale. Its like a bonus version of the old fave.