Friday, January 13, 2012

NFL Playoffs 2012 - Divisional Weekend

This is the last weekend of the season with more than two games. I’m very excited about these games, the Saturday ones in particular. I want to take this time to note that I tried to use the Saturday games as an excuse to not paint my daughter’s (soon to be daughters’) room a delicious shade of yellow this weekend. It sounded so bad coming out of my mouth that I briefly considered not watching football as a penalty to myself. I mean, let’s be honest, all I do is move some furniture about two feet and then roll when my wife says, “ROLL!” I’m pretty sure that can be accomplished before the games start and I can start eating wings.

In case you hadn’t heard, I went 4-0 against the spread last week. Keep that in mind, and I recommend you at least consider doing the opposite of these picks.

Saints at 49ers - line is Saints -4
Much is being made of the Saints record indoors vs. outdoors this year (they’re good at home, not so good on the road, and played 11 games in domes this year). Since good weather is expected in SF this weekend, a bigger factor here will be the fact the Saints played a crappy schedule, and the 49ers defense is excellent. Remember that the Saints were down 14-10 at halftime last week and the Lions dropped two easy interceptions that could have easily turned the game around. The 49ers won’t make the same mistakes. Don’t take the points unless you think your team can win, and I always like the home underdog in the playoffs.

My pick: 49ers 27, Saints 20

Broncos at Patriots - line is Patriots -13.5
A few years ago I never would have believed that I would be cheering for Tebow. But when he threw the pass that beat the Steelers on the first play of overtime last weekend, I jumped out of my chair. Whatever you think about his faith, I don’t think anyone can deny that FAITH BEGETS CONFIDENCE. Tebow is supremely confident, and that can take you a long way. But it can’t take you all the way. The Patriots are too good, and they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this one. That’s a lot of points to give, but they beat the Broncos in Denver 41-23 on December 18th. This one will be over early.

My pick: Patriots 41, Broncos 11

Texans at Ravens - line is Ravens -7.5
Joe Flacco’s career playoff record is 3-4. He’s thrown 4 playoff TDs and 7 playoff INTs. I’m no TJ Yates lover, but if you had the choice between betting on an unproven player, and a player who had proven to be not very good, what choice would you make? The Texans defense is too good for this to be a blowout. The Ravens will win a close one, but take the Texans and the points.

My pick: Ravens 16, Texans 14

Giants at Packers - line is Packers -7.5
Wow, I can’t believe how awesome these games are. This is the last game of the weekend, and it might be the best. But then I remembered that the Packers were 15-1 this year, and the Giants were 8-8. And now if you are a Packer fan you come face to face with the problem you have had all season: once the Packers seemed like they were really REALLY good, the only thing that would satisfy would be a Super Bowl victory. So unless they win the next three games, I daresay that you haven’t even really enjoyed the season all that much, especially after that painful loss in Kansas City. But at least for one more week, the dream lives on...

My pick: Packers 37, Giants 13

Here's some acoustic Bad Religion for you. Skyscraper is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all-time.

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