Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is the First Post

So it can only get better from here.

After going 0-2 in Fantasy Football this weekend, I am definitely going to start playing the martyr card. And yes, I know that no one cares about anyone else's fantasy teams. That's why I put it in a blog you fools!

I am trying to decide what picture to use at the top of this page. I am going to put a few of them up and then vote on them by myself. Here's entry #1:


Joanna said...

i am glad you are blogging....i will actually read it.

em has been trying to get me to do it, so far i am not yet conviced that i have enough interesting stuff to put out there. if i ever do though, it will be called "what i am seeing in a-town". So if you decide you ever want THAT perspective (which i suspect is a lot like "what i am seeing in central texas") just let me know...i would love to guest blog.

Jonathan Hamilton said...

hey - I was there! Nice blog-action so far. I'm pretty far from thematic on mine...probably why noone looks at it but you. It's fun though and I'll be looking forward to your new posts