Wednesday, November 19, 2008


For those of you who have not heard, there is, in fact a God, and the people of Alaska are not, in fact, in love with Ted Stevens. The elcetion results are in, and the AP has called the election in favor of Anchorage mayor (and son of the namesake of the very famous Bartlett-Begich High School) Mark Begich. This is truly a great day for the residents of Alaska. Stevens was the longest serving Republican in the Senate, and turned 85 yesterday. We can only hope that he will now be sent to jail to share a cell with Bubba.

In other exciting news, you may recognize the picture below from Josephine's birthday party last year. She had an AWESOME time. We are planning another party this year, although we will probably have a cookie making party at our house instead. Not sure of the date, but it will probably be the night of 12/13 (it is a Saturday), if you want to makr your calendars, or if you want to plan something else for that night so you don't have to come. There will be details to follow I am sure.

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