Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Schell's Snow Storm

Clearly, we are overdue for another Beer Review post. It's the season to sit at home, by the fire, and drink a bunch of winter brew. Luckily, there are lots to choose from. The goal this winter is to drink them all. 

The guys at the Tonka Bottle Shop had some recommendations for me as we exit the October Fest season and enter the Fest Fest season. I was interested in the back story of the Schell's Snow Storm, because I really like the idea of the local brew. It turns out that before the winter season last year, they hired a new brewmaster. The new guy wanted to play with some of the old recipes, so last year's winter brew from Schell's was really brand new. And it turns out no one liked it, not even the gutter sluts downtown.

So the packaging is a little different this year, because they need to make sure everyone knows the recipe is different. And I think they did a nice job, because this is a very interesting, and very drinkable beer.

The flavor is mellow - this is not an overly hoppy beer. The pour was very smooth, it had a very attractive thickness as it came out of the bottle. There was a slight cloud amidst the rusty brown color, and I found it overall to be very attractive in the glass. 

The flavor was sweet, and slightly fruity. The sweetness is pretty common in the winter beers, and I found this to be a very tasty beer. It wasn't chalky at all. There was a very light quality about the finish. In other words, you could actually have more than one of these beers without feeling like you had just finished your fourth Thanksgiving dinner of the day. 

Overall, this was a good beer, and you should go buy some. I am recommending it highly in part because of the local angle. It's nice to enjoy something that was made close to home. And I don't always look to Schell's when I am looking for a new beer to try. In that sense, I am probably overlooking them because they are local, I think a lot of time we look for the exotic choice when we want to try something we have never had before. I am here to tell you, give this one a shot, you'll be pleased. 

So go out and buy 2 six-packs of this one. You can have a few on a Friday night, and then if you really want to kick it up a notch, you'll be able to start that second six-pack and not hate yourself in the morning. And if you decide to keep it to the first six-pack, you'll enjoy the second one the next night I am sure.

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