Monday, November 3, 2008

What I want

Well, the time has almost come. I can't wait to vote tomorrow. I won't be able to bring Josephine with me like I did 2 years ago, but that's ok. I suspect that our parents generation never thought an African-American would ever be this close to being President. I know for a fact that our grandparents never thought this would happen. I think that most of us have become so use to the idea that Obama could be President, that we forget how amazing this really is. Maybe that's a good thing, too.

So here is a list of who I want to win, and yes, these are in order. Think of it this way: It starts at the top, with the one I want the most. If all of the rest of the races below each entry were lost, I would be reasonably happy, because the one above each entry won. That's written very poorly, but that's just too bad.

  1. Barack Obama
    Yes, if he makes it and none of the other races below go my way, I will be sort of disappointed, but not that much. This is HUGE.
  2. Al Franken
    I have been nervous about this one from the moment he declared. But you know what makes me mad? Norm ran with Bush A LOT in 2002. You can't have it both ways, Norm. You were with him then, and to me, that means you are with him now. Plus he ran a ridiculous campaign. Honestly, when you have been there 6 years and all you have to show for it is some free suits and a crappy free apartment in DC, you don't deserve to win.
  3. Mark Begich over Ted Stevens
    Few people know that I went to Bartlett-Begich High School in Anchorage. The school was named in part for Mark's father, who died in a plane crash while campaigning for the US House in 1972. Don Young won that election, and has not lost since (the Bridge to Nowhere was his doing). Anyway, don't think that just because Stevens was recently convicted of corruption that this is over. He could still win- it's possible the carrier pigeons haven't reached Alaska with the news of the trial yet. 
  4. Kay Hagan over Liddy Dole
    Dole's recent ad that made it seem like Hagan didn't believe in God is what will end up finishing Dole off, but did you know that in the 24 months of 2005 and 2006, she spent exactly 33 days in North Carolina? If you don't want to live there, then don't run for an officing representing the people who DO live there.
  5. Tinklenburg over Bachmann
    I have a bet with my boss, and so here is my prediction: Bachmann will WIN. The people in that district LIKE the kind of stuff she brings to the table: 3/4 crazy and 1/4 pretty. Here's my advice for you if you ever run into her: If it is daylight, tell her you agree that some members of Congress are anti-American, and that you want to help with the penetrating expose she proposed. But tell her that it would help if she could point you in the proper direction, so if she could name some of the people she suspects, it would be a big help. Then, go donate money to the people she names, because I guarantee you they are doing good work. If you run into her and it is at night, run.
  6. Chambliss loses in GA
    He questioned his opponents patriotism in 2002. That was Max Cleeland, a man who had given three of his limbs in service to his country. They compared him in ads to OSAMA BIN LADEN. How these people sleep at night, I will never know. 

    Aside: It's strange that all these Senate seats up in this cycle are reminding us of the history of the 2002 election. The one where Bush was floating the idea of invading Iraq, and anyone who wanted to question that idea was called Anti-American. It's time for those people to get what they have coming.

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