Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Predictions - and May God have Mercy on Me If I am Wrong

I know that I should not so this, but I can't help myself...

Electoral College:
Obama 326, McCain 212
(That's the Kerry states plus IA, OH, VA, CO, NM and NV)

Popular Vote %:
Obama 51.3%, McCain 46.7%

Election Called by MSM: 11 pm Eastern - when the polls close in California. The best part of THAT is that the polls will still be open in Palin's homestate.

MN Senate:
Franken 41%, Coleman 40%, Barkley 15%
And THAT result will not be made official for at least a couple of days.

Total Democratic Senate seats
58, which does not, and SHOULD NOT count Lieberman

Also, I just want everyone want everyone out there to think about making sure that they DO NOT rub it in the faces of their Republican friends. If you remember how badly you felt in 2000, 2002 and 2004, they will be feeling that way as well tonight. The peaceful transfer of power from opposing political parties is one the the things that makes America great. No need to twist the knife as the Republicans leave power.

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